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Manipulation of documented objects by a walking humanoid robot

Rapport LAAS No10844
IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (HUMANOIDS 2010), Nashville (USA), 6-8 D├ęcembre 2010, pp.518-523


This paper deals with manipulation task planning for a humanoid robot while stepping. It introduces the concept of documented objects, i.e. objects that provide information on how to manipulate them. The planning phase is decoupled into two parts. First a random motion planner uses the documentation of the object to quickly plan a collision free motion for a simplified model of the robot manipulating the object. Then an inverse kinematics solver animates the whole set of the robot's degrees of freedom by converting the simplified path into time parametrized tasks. Several examples show the generalization of the method.

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Affectations: Le mouvement humanoïde ( GEPETTO )

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